Web Design & Development

Using professional software development best practices, Code Leads creates effective websites designed to meet your specific marketing needs, attain your business objectives, reinforce your brand image , and positively differentiate you from your competition.

Code Leads specializes in the following web development components:

Targeted, Professional Web site Development and Design

  • Our websites are structured to achieve business objectives, to be attractive to the target audience, be easy to use, and to keep your audience engaged. We lead your visitors to take specific action through quality design, navigation, and appropriate calls to action. A targeted web design and structure can easily facilitate a better experience all around for both your visitor and your overall conversion rate.

Innovative Web Development

  • Code Leads uses the latest technologies to intelligently serve compelling content. We’re fluent in HTML, JavaScript, Jquery, Angularjs and backend technologies such as MVC, ASP, .NET, IIS, SQL Server.
  • Meanwhile, our sites utilize professional web site development making them easy to maintain. We use strategies such as content rotation to ensure website "freshness".
  • Our innovative web development is based on leading industry trends.

Database Design and Development

  • Code Leads designs and builds databases to produce the exact result you specify. Together, we establish the data requirements, then work to iterate a database schema that accommodates your data while ensuring data integrity and allowing for its potential expansion. We may also suggest creating database-level routines aimed at enhancing system performance and stability.
  • Code Leads develops the database scripts, components, and applications that interact with the database, then integrates those applications into the website and tests them rigorously and methodically.


  • Santis Web
  • New York, US

Richard Santos

Very satisfied with Code Leads for their communication, willingness to follow guidelines/instructions, communication and overall great personality! Easy to work with and caring about your project. Will continue working with them in other projects. When needed, they went the extra mile to make sure code changes were completed on time. Thank you Code Leads!!